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Welcome to Subtext!

Relationships are confusing, especially when they’re digital. What did she mean by putting a period? Why did he wait so long to respond? We’re here to talk about your toughest texting questions (and share a few stories of our own).

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Hosted by Sarah Ellis and Michelle McSweeney, each episode focuses on an aspect of communication in a digital dating world. Here, you can find links to the research we mention in each episode.


Episode 5: Email’s Hidden Message

Email: is it only for work or does it have a place in personal relationships? After a guy confronts Taylor over email, she’s left wondering if she should really take his accusations seriously.

WebMD on Borderline Personality Disorder

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Episode 4: Is Facebook the new Tinder?

It’s everyone’s favorite subject lately (for better or for worse)…Facebook. What happens when this digital giant takes on dating?

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Episode 3: I’m 5’8” and other Truths

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Kevin’s chat with Leslie got off to a fairly…short start.

Basics of Articulatory Phonetics

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Episode 2: Heart Emojis on a First Date?

What’s the deal with heart emojis, anyway? Do they always convey affection? Are some more serious than others? Elizabeth had a Tinder date that was going well…until the heart emojis started coming her way.

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Stark and Crawford, 2015. The Conservatism of Emoji: Work, Affect, and Communication

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Episode 1: Hypen-gate

Today we’re discussing a personal story that involves a bit of a punctuation crisis. Sarah’s roommate Hannah and friend Victoria are here to weigh in—is it weird to use hyphens when you’re texting someone new?

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Fischer and Garcia, 2015. Singles in America.

Vandergriff, 2013. Emotive communication online


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